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Our Roots Run Deep

Elana Cohen isn’t just another communications expert; she’s a movement unto herself. With a professional journey spanning nearly two decades, she has firmly rooted herself in the intersections of the cannabis and hospitality landscapes. This isn't solely about expertise for Elana; it’s about vision. Her meticulous eye isn't just focused on the details but also on the horizon, eagerly anticipating and adapting to the ever-fluctuating world of trends.

Meet Elana Cohen

Founder and CEO

Today, as the visionary behind Tree of Life PR, Elana is more than just a PR professional; she's a catalyst for change in the ever-greening landscape of cannabis. Whether amplifying the voice of mammoth medical cannabis conglomerates or nurturing the narratives of budding independent ventures, she remains unwavering in her mission—demystifying cannabis, shattering its associated stigmas, and championing its benefits.


Elana's commitment to advocacy extends far beyond the cannabis space. Touched by personal tragedy at the tender age of 15, when she lost her mother to suicide, Elana has since channeled her pain into purpose. As a steadfast voice in mental health advocacy, she actively engages with organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, further propelling her mission to dispel the shadows and misunderstandings surrounding mental health.


Her dedication—be it in fostering deep-rooted client relationships, curating poignant stories for journalists, or simply striving for unparalleled excellence in her craft—has not gone unnoticed. In 2016, Elana's tireless efforts were honored with the Crain’s Chicago Business People on the Move Award. Further testament to her indomitable spirit is the recognition from the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence and features in prominent media outlets, including MindBodyGreen and High Times, where she frequently champions her advocacy for mental health awareness.


Elana Cohen is much more than a PR strategist. You find a storyteller, an advocate, a cannabis enthusiast, and above all, a dedicated ally on your journey to make your mark in the green arena. Join her in crafting stories that matter in a world eager to listen.

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